Gold Donors

Heather Cairns

Tricia Foley

Deanna van Gestel

In support and honor of Eric van Gestel and all cancer patients.”

June Wiechmann

Elaine Ashley

Marc van Gestel

Eric van Gestel

Silver Donors

Imogen Hinds

Ellyn Weisel
Michael Hampton
Torgny Andersson
Grant Roy
Jim Smith

Scott Hunter

I played soccer at Colby with Eric. Even though he was an upperclassman he was a tremendous teammate and gentleman to all. But what most impressed me about him was his hard-working spirit and positive attitude and perseverance despite serious injury. I am so happy and not surprised that EVG beat cancer and I am honored to donate to this worthy cause.”

Anne Toschi
Eric & Stacy Zumbrunnen

Sema Tosun

I support this cause and there should be more awareness to breast cancer amongst males.”