Gold Donors

  • Heather Cairns

  • Tricia Foley

  • Deanna van Gestel

    “In support and honor of Eric van Gestel and all cancer patients.”

  • June Wiechmann

  • Elaine Ashley

  • Marc van Gestel

  • Eric van Gestel

Silver Donors

  • Imogen Hinds

  • Ellyn Weisel

  • Michael Hampton

  • Torgny Andersson

  • Grant Roy

  • Jim Smith

  • Scott Hunter

    “"I played soccer at Colby with Eric. Even though he was an upperclassman he was a tremendous teammate and gentleman to all. But what most impressed me about him was his hard-working spirit and positive attitude and perseverance despite serious injury. I am so happy and not surprised that EVG beat cancer and I am honored to donate to this worthy cause."”

  • Anne Toschi

  • Eric & Stacy Zumbrunnen

  • Sema Tosun

    “I support this cause and there should be more awareness to breast cancer amongst males.”