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So was I, at first… I thought, “I’m a smart guy with a Master’s degree from Yale. I can’t get breast cancer — I’m a guy! It’s a woman’s disease!” How smart I wasn’t! I detected a lump on the left side of my chest and did nothing for over 10 months. My doctor then told me that males and females, both, can get breast cancer.

The only thing that would have been really embarrassing, is if I had let it go longer…

I didn’t choose to have cancer, so the only embarrassing part of this entire process is that I chose to ignore the symptom for too long. The result was that the cancer migrated slightly to one of my lymph nodes, requiring me to receive Chemotherapy in addition to surgery. Not fun…

The only thing that would have been really embarrassing, is if I had let it go longer and ended up dying from what was very curable. So, if you detect a lump in your chest area and you’re feeling embarrassed about it, contact me and I’ll talk you through it — afterall, I’ve been there!

2013 Stepping Out To Celebrate Life Annual Runway Fashion Show Gala

Following are actual quotes from other female models who participated with Michael and me in the Stepping Out To Celebrate Life annual runway fashion show gala in 2013:

We all need to help make men’s breast cancer a known fact. I have asked my sons to make regular self exams. No man should have to go through what Eric did!


Eric and Michael you are both real men !!!!!! I will support men’s awareness of breast cancer totally!

You were wonderful guys that made everyone more aware of how it affects the male gender. I applaud you both for your roll in the show — without you the leather scene would have been dull!!!!!! Without both of you the group would not have been whole!