Movie Time: “Manigram!” is excited to announce that we’re working with a movie production firm in San Jose, California, to produce two films, one shorter documentary about breast cancer from a male patient’s point-of-view (highlighting that early detection is one of the keys to survival for both men and women) and a longer feature film (combination of drama and comedy).  The shorter film will be geared toward presentations at high schools and universities, where it will be stressed that decisions made at even a young age can and may have cumulative negative effects later in life (e.g., alcohol, drugs, sugar and stress) – part of the awareness program administered by NotJustPink.  We are currently looking to raise approximately $3,000 to fund the documentary, and as such, we’re welcoming any donations, as well as any purchased subscriptions to NotJustPink’s monthly self-exam reminder email/text ( Please feel free to contact Eric van Gestel, NotJustPink’s CEO, directly at the following email address, should you have any questions about this initiative: